Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A week ago, I was honored with an invite to Adesign's VIP Event with Erica Carr, Anisa Telwar, and Shana King. Let me share my thoughts and photos: Twas' glorious being in a room full of my peers and beauty makers! The passion that we all share to create and maintain beauty energized the room to a fever pitch! We were collectively bubbly, as was the champaign served. Not only were we fed delicious tasty finger food, our hearts and souls were served brush education, surveys and testings on the spot. Joy was evident by all the attendees, whose smiles showcased not only their own beauty, but the empowerment of creating such joy in others!

For me it was a double whammy as it was the first party I ever in my life heard with my new bionic ears! I even heard my phone ring for a booking, in all the clamor!

All of us together and separate go forth, forging beauty's path, one brush at a time! Thank you  Anisa, Shana, and Erica for Adesign!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Attending the VIP Adesign Brush party! Not only am surrounded by drop dead beautiful makeup artist but soon to be immersed in cutting edge brush education and information!

 This artist driven brush line, created by Anisa Telwar,  is a top value brush line created because of her strong passion to enrich women, and especially for  makeup artist in their pursuit of beauty empowerment.  Tonight along with Shana King, her educator tour de force, they share the excitement of a functional, practical brush unseen before the public!

Let's toast virtually to Anisa Internationally, Adesignbrushes, Shana King and Erica Carr!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Cat eyes oft a line not straight,
betwixt a makeup artist shaky state.
 With this new brush of shape and hair,
Creates artistic Concurve flair!

Monday, August 20, 2012


The brushes, the hair, what kind would you choose?
Synthetic or natural for the the job that they do?
Natrafil is my choice to pick up and go.

No breakage, no fall out, and powder just flows.Though synthetic it has an all natural feel.
It's fibers deposits, it's beauty instills.
Together with DuPont, 
 And created by Adesign,
We present to you soon, a fabulous brush line!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Who's that girl that rocks our world 
Teaching Marcel curls so tightly whirled?
Newbies muah and veterans alike
Become empowered from her might.
That we may raise our standards high
From her life lessons we apply!
Who she is and what is disclosed,
Unveils this week for us to know!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Body Painting my next review with Adesign!

  • Body painting requires very specific brush shapes and bristle qualities. What brush one uses and where, and I do mean where, totally impacts a design! 
  • Wednesday August 22, The Specialist Salon, hosted by international bridal expert and educator, Erica Carr, along with beauty expert Shana King will be featuring Adesign Brushes. where shape, precision, and function form perfection in outstanding brush education!
  • Stay tuned for what fellow SF Beauty Blogger, Renee Hamilton and I have up our sleeves!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Circle of Dreams

Yes, it has been two years since my last post as my path has been full. Since posting I have worked internationally in Asia for two years while at the same time working on my second degree in Textile Design with honors, at the Academy of Art University, and raising my 18 year old model daughter. These circles of creativity have led me to meeting new people and living experiences unexpected. Posting on my favorite makeup blogs and Facebook generates such joy. I will mirror this in my own blog without hesitation or delay!